Extreme Sports To Try Out in Mississauga


There are two types of extreme sports that you might want to try out at least once when you are in Mississauga in Ontario, Canada. One sport is skateboarding and the other is in-line skating. Though you might be middle-aged already, you can do these sports at least at the novice level or maybe you could just be one of the spectators enjoying the stunts being performed by the young and nimble experts at skateboarding and in-line skating.

The reason skateboarding could be great to try or maybe just watch is that it actually takes a lot of strength to propel and maneuver a skateboard especially when you intend to do stunts on the board. First you have to push yourself on the skateboard with one foot until you reach a desired speed, then you have to balance your body at that speed until you can get the right angle to do a stunt.

Since there are many parks in Mississauga, you might be able to find parts of your local park where you could be allowed to do your stunts. It is important to find a safe area to practice stunts because you wouldn’t want to hit anyone accidentally either with your board or with your body, if the stunt does not go the way you expected it to. Of course, it pays to use safety gear as well while using a skateboard but take note that bumps, scrapes and bruises (and the occasional broken bone) are the price you pay for pursuing this kind of sport. If you’re not the type to enjoy getting hurt, it is best to watch from the sidelines instead if you just want to enjoy watching others do their stunts.

roller bladesIn-line skating is similar to skateboarding in that it is usually done at varying levels of speed. Newcomers to the sport would probably need to go slow until you learn how to balance yourself on the in-line skates. Once you get your balance right, it is easier to explore new ways of doing in-line skating. Again, like skateboarding, in-line skating is best done at a part of a park where there are no people that could get hit accidentally if you lose control of your skates.

Another safety issue is the brand of in-line skates that you buy. The cheaper brands might not have the same level of durability and safety features as the more expensive brand. Also, using in-line skates on a surface like concrete or smooth asphalt can do wear and tear on the wheels of your in-line skates resulting in faster deterioration of your skates. The reason you have to use safe and durable in-line skates is that you don’t want your skates to give out on you just as you reach a high speed. If this happens your momentum might be so fast that you cannot stop yourself from running into another person. Do in-line skating carefully and you will probably find this sport more enjoyable.

If you are not inclined to extreme sports, you can always enjoy a good performance at a local theater in Brampton instead.


  1. Luke Latham Luke Latham says:

    If I was back in my twenties, maybe I’ll try these out. But with my previous injuries through soccer, skateboarding is definitely not something that I can do anymore.

    At the same time, you probably won’t see a guy in his late forties doing skateboarding with these guys in the pic! haha

  2. Lowell Dunham Lowell Dunham says:

    My nephew digs skateboarding a lot. He spends his whole summer at the rails but I don’t understand what’s so fun about them? Maybe you gotta try it to love it, but I’m too old for that! lol

  3. Jake Fraser Jake Fraser says:

    Awesome stuff. I was one of those guys that spent a few summers skateboarding these rails like day and night, lol. It was fun for sure, but that was high school. Now that I’m in the “real world”, I got no time to waste to conquer the banking industry and hit the TOP! :D

  4. Sammie Lund Sammie Lund says:

    I’m one of the few ladies who have actually done skateboarding for quite some time. As I said before, I don’t liked to be looked down upon just because of my gender :) Actually it’s quite fun once you start to learn the hang of it!

  5. Stacy Holliday Stacy Holliday says:

    Not in a million years! hahah, the last thing I want is to fall flat on my pretty face and injure myself. I’ll stick to sitting at that little buggy on the golf course enjoying the nice view :)

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