Events in Ontario


Travelling has been therapeutic for some because it can relieve stress. With traveling, people are able to see new places and experience adventures that they never encounter before. It takes people away from the routine that they are doing in their place and experience something different for a change. For some, travelling is a form of hobby. They want to just go to different places and make new memories Muffin fan site.

When we talk about travelling, Ontario is a good place to experience new things. Ontario is a small place in Canada which is famous for its tourist attractions and famous celebrities like Justin Bieber. There are many things that can be experienced in Ontario and every month is jam packed with activities.

In the month of June, there are a number of activities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

  1. Canadian Opera Company – A series of free concert held in Richard Bradshaw Amphitheater. Artists from different parts of the world offer free concerts that range from vocal, piano, jazz, dance, chamber and world music. The concerts take place during Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon, and some Wednesdays at noon or 5:30pm. The concert will last only until June 29, 2012 and its first-come, first-served basis. The seating is limited so you need to be early to ensure a seat.
  2. Door open Ontario: Defending A Nation – Every year from April to October, Ontario opens its door to people to witness the different heritage sites. Admission is free so take advantage of this opportunity.
  3. Elora Flowers’ Market – If you want to buy fresh and organic ingredients, go to Bissell Park, Mill Street East Flora. They sell local meats, local produce and many more. It is open every Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm from May 12, 2012 to October 27, 2012.

There are more events in Ontario every month. Just log in online and plan your vacation now to enjoy the events

Overview of Toronto Tourism and Entertainment Industries


One reason that Toronto has a flourishing tourism and entertainment scene is that they have quite a big community of migrants. One of those migrant communities is the Filipinos who flocked to Canada in search of a better life for themselves and their families. This means that Toronto has some events that were or will be hosted there specifically for the benefit of Filipinos who are now residing in or have even become Canadian citizens. In turn, these events help to make the fields of tourism and entertainment more vibrant and popular.

For instance, in 2012 Toronto was host to a concert by Karylle and Christian Bautista who both have a strong following among Filipinos in the Philippines. Two other Filipino celebrities – Derek Ramsey and Sharon Cuneta – also hosted a concert at Toronto that same year. In 2013, modern pop band Eraserheads also visited Toronto for their own concert. These concerts allowed the Filipinos living in Toronto and the surrounding areas to get their taste of what Filipino singers and actors back home have to offer when they come to Toronto to entertain. These concerts may be important to Filipinos who miss the culture of the Philippines and want to reminisce about Philippine culture if only through attending concerts

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How to Enjoy Your Stay in Mississauga


The city of Mississauga has much to offer tourists by way of leisure and entertainment. One reason for this is that Mississauga was developed partly to be the suburbs of the nearby progressive city of Toronto, until Mississauga ran out of real estate to develop into residential suburbs. Nowadays, the attractions of Mississauga are its many parks and golf courses that help city residents relax and enjoy their leisure time without having to leave the city.

Mississauga has 522 parks actually so that is quite a lot of green space set aside in the city. This means less crowding within each park so that residents won’t feel hassled while walking within the park. It also means that there are more activities that residents and tourists can enjoy doing within each park and that they get to enjoy fresh air. This is very important for any city for aesthetic and health reasons.

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Why Ice Hockey and Soccer Are Popular In Ottawa


Among the many events in Ontario, Ice hockey and football (called soccer in some places) are two of the more popular sports that Ottawa residents and Canadian citizens in general like to follow and get involved in. It is easy to see why ice hockey is popular because winter is a regular season in Ottawa so it stands to reason that ice hockey would gain many followers. Football or soccer comes in a close second because Ottawa residents have been participating in this sport for more than a century now. The good news is that both ice hockey tournaments and football tournaments will be hosted by Ottawa in the near future.

One reason ice hockey remains popular in Ottawa is that corporations have partnered with ice hockey leagues like the National Hockey League. These sponsorship deals help ice hockey teams stay financially viable especially when fans choose to support the ice hockey teams by buying tickets to their matches. If the ice hockey team has a charity to support this is another good opportunity to get the attention of ice hockey fans as well. It is a sad truth that without corporate sponsorship many teams would flounder hence the corporations serve as the “white knight” that provides funding to allow team players to stay focused on their training and to participate in matches. The goal is to provide matches that are entertaining to the public so that the corporations will find it worth their while to support such tournaments.

soccerSoccer or football on the other hand is now more diversified after the introduction of the Ottawa Fury Women soccer team for women. This women’s football team is the partner team of the men’s soccer team Ottawa Fury. The women’s team Ottawa Fury Women competes in the United Soccer Leagues W-League while the men’s team Ottawa Fury is part of the USL Premier Development League. The Ottawa Fury Women have been the champions of the W-League for nine straight years which is pretty impressive for a women’s soccer team. But their title as league champions was stripped from them this 2013 after the Laval Cometes beat them by one point in their final match. Ironically, it was a former member of the Ottawa Fury Women who helped lead the Laval Cometes to victory. Still, the Ottawa Fury Women team may be able to rebound from this stunning loss next season so don’t rule them out yet as contenders.

These tournaments in Ottawa show the devotion to sports of Ottawa men and women. It also shows that money is needed to help these teams sustain their momentum during training and in actual tournaments. And judging from the unexpected loss of the Ottawa Fury Women this 2013, it also shows that veterans of these sports can be easily unseated in any match by the proverbial Young Turks who want to wrest their champion status from them in fair and transparent competition. The big winner in all this is of course the fans who get to witness the rise and fall of their favorite teams which adds to the interest level raised for each sport in Ottawa.

A Day Trip to Brampton (Check These Out)


Among one of the fastest growing cities in Ontario is Brampton.  It is known as “Canada’s Flower City” with beautiful botanical displays along the main attractions of the city.  In addition, Brampton is also “one of only 11 cities in North America, to be designated as an International Safe Community by the World Health Organization.” (Reference: – Official Brampton City Website).

With such a unique and outstanding reputation, Brampton is certainly one of those cities that you want to visit if you’re ever in the Toronto area.  Most people know about Toronto because it is one of the main cities in Canada.  However, just about thirty minutes from Toronto is this beautiful city called Brampton where you can find much tourism value.

To start, you can visit the Brampton Rose Theatre which is located in downtown Brampton.  This theatre is opened all year round with various theatrical pieces.  In fact, the final stop of the 2010-2011 Wizard of Oz national tour was performed in this particular theatre.  The purpose of this theatre was to be “a cultural and tourist destination that will attract significant new business to surrounding restaurants, shops and services”.  Being a theatre that was designed with tourist in mind, you can certainly find events and performances that will suit your preferences as you browse through their website.

If you are more of an adventurist and you’re visiting Brampton during the summer time, you definitely want to visit Treetop Trekking located in Heart Lake Conservation.  You can push your own limits and stimulate all your senses on 8 treetop trekking courses, 10 zip lines and 75 aerial games.  And believe me that is plenty!  The likelihood is that you probably won’t have time to go through all of them.

If you decide to go, make sure you are at least a bit physically prepared.  I still remember a few years ago when I went there on a bachelor party, I had much trouble finishing the course at the end of our stay.  You may think it is easy, but after jumping through many hoops and obstacles on treetops and flying through zip lines, you’ll be amazed how unfit your body can be if you do not regularly train your body like me!  Don’t get me wrong, I am a traveler and I love the outdoors and normally I’d have no problems with most outdoor activities.  But this treetop trekking is something that you want to be physically and mentally prepared for!  Hopefully, I haven’t scared you away from trying this exciting and fun adventure.  While it can be physically demanding, it is also a boat load of fun! :)

To keep this blog post from being too long, I’ll just leave you with these two attractions that you can check out in Brampton.  However, do stay tune to my blog because I will continue to write about other cities in Ontario that is travel-worthy for you and your family.  Until next time, stay safe traveling!

If you’re a fan of a larger city like Toronto, you can take a look at an overview of the Toronto entertainment and tourism industry here.

Fun Sporting Events in Ottawa

fifa women

Ottawa is one of those Canadian cities that have a high standard of living.  This may explain why some sports tournaments are hosted within Ottawa at various times of the year. The cost of living is also pretty good so that means Ottawa residents have a pretty stable lifestyle. And part of that lifestyle means viewing or participating in popular sports tournaments hosted by the city.

Ottawa in Canada will be hosting the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup which is one of the most popular football tournaments for female athletes around the world. This major event will last from June 6, 2015 up to July 5, 2015 and will have the Labatt Breweries of Canada as one of its more important corporate sponsors. As corporate sponsor, Labatt Breweries of Canada now has the exclusive marketing rights in Canada in connection with the football tournament. This is not the first time Labatt Breweries has opted to partner with sports tournament organizing bodies in Canada. This deal will probably benefit Labatt Breweries financially because the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup is a big deal for many Ottawa football fans and possibly visitors from around Canada and other countries.

At the same time, FIFA will also benefit financially from this sponsorship agreement with Labatt Breweries. According to FIFA Marketing Director Thierry Weil, FIFA and other sports organizations have benefitted in the past from corporate sponsorship deals like this one. On the other hand, Labatt Breweries of Canada Head of Media, Sports and Entertainment Jonathan Ritter noted that the company expects fans all over Canada to follow the matches of this sporting event closely. This could help the company gain more sales of its products as well, especially since the deal also encompasses global TV viewership aside from local audience reach. (Incidentally, aside from Labatt Breweries FIFA has also signed up the Bell telecommunications company as one of its sponsors).

marathonIf your speed leans more towards running then just football, you might be glad to know that the Winterman Marathon will be hosted in Ottawa this 2014 also. This race is divided into the following race categories: 3km, 5km, 10km, Half Marathon, and Marathon relays so this means you can pick the length of race that you want to participate in. This depends also on the level of training you have been doing to prepare for an actual marathon. Incidentally, the Winterman Marathon is included in the Winterlude winter festival of Canada. The great thing about this marathon is that it will be hosted by the banks of the Ottawa River near the War Museum. If you do choose to sign up for the Winterman Marathon you will need to specify to the organizers which of the race categories you want to run in. There are also Marathon Relay categories if you prefer to choose those. The Winterman Marathon is scheduled for February 15, 2014 up to February 16, 2014. If you do choose to run in these races, you can also participate in other activities coinciding with the marathon races themselves.

If you’re a fan of soccer, you’re probably an adventurist who may also enjoy extreme sports where you can find in Mississauga.

2014 Toronto Tourism and Entertainment


This 2014 and 2015, Toronto will be host to some major events that could give the tourism and entertainment industries of Toronto a big shot in the arm. This is good news for Toronto businesses of every stripe and color.

One of the major events that will take place in 2014 is the Canadian International Autoshow.  If you’re a fan of cars and you live around Toronto, then this is something that you don’t want to miss.  Every year, autoshows like these draw thousands of people in admiring the beauty of the latest and trendiest cars.  Not only are there cars, there will also be a wide range of shows which you can enjoy while you’re there.

If you’re seriously considering going to this autoshow, you may want to jump on their early bird price where you can save 25% off.  Families with children are also welcome because there will be many things for them to see.

According to the official website: “the AutoShow continues to provide The Total Automotive Experience with over 600,000 square feet of dazzling displays, big prize giveaways and engaging exhibits! Don’t miss out on Auto Exotica, featuring the world’s finest exotic automobiles. See the latest automotive interactive technology in our AutoConnect feature exhibit.”

Not only will you be seeing awesome cars and great shows, you will also be entering into contests and draws with great prizes!  When was the last time that you won a prize at a dinner gathering or Christmas party?  This could be another chance for you to experience the thrill and excitement of seeing the trendiest cars and even winning awesome prizes with only the cost of admission!

My cousin is a fan of cars and he often goes to these autoshows with his camera in hand.  If you’re a professional photographer, this maybe another chance for you to take some nice looking pictures to add on to your portfolio.  The lighting will be perfect at these shows so you’ll be able to get the sharpest pictures with great color and contrast.  If you do end up going to the show and taking lots of pictures, please feel free to send me an email with some great photo highlights!

In 2015, Toronto will also be host of the event known as Pan American/Parapan American Games. This event is actually divided into two sub-events called the Pan American Games and the Parapan American Games. The Pan American Games are scheduled for July 10, 2015 and will last until July 26, 2015. On the other hand, the Parapan American Games are set for August 7, 2015 and last up to August 14, 2015.  This sporting events will probably draw in crowds of Toronto residents and visitors as well as the thousands of athletes that will compete in these Games.

These crowds will include, of course, the sporting event officials and the coaches of the teams that expect to compete during the Games. Take note that the participants are expected to come from the Caribbean, North America and South America for the most part. However, it is possible that tourists from other areas and cities in Canada will also make it a point to visit Toronto if only for these Games.

If you enjoy autoshows, maybe you also belong to the upper class in which case I will assume you like play golf as well.  If this is the case, take a look at playing golf in Mississauga because it could be another great golf course that you have not tried yet!

Achieve a Festive Mood Under the Sea

You will be in a state of bliss when you grasp the joys of scuba diving. Experience is not necessary since you will get scuba diving help from the experts. From French diving vacations to Fiji diving trips, you will get endless possibilities! Kick this diving rendezvous by going through the graphic in this post.


Why Jamaica Vacations are an Ideal Choice for Escaping the Cold


We all need a break from our busy schedules. Taking a break from a stressful work environment or situations can help one rejuvenate, refocus and come up with a better plan to tackle everyday life. One way to achieve this is by taking a vacation. Also, when you want to celebrate an important change in your life such as a marriage, an anniversary or you just want to spend time with loved ones away from home, a vacation can be an ideal choice. Jamaica vacations can give you the relaxation you need and at the same time offer you the fun and entertainment you need to make it unforgettable. Why is it an ideal choice?

A Wide Variety of Activities for Everyone

Whether you want to enjoy the sun on one of the long and luxurious beaches on the island, desire a fishing vacation or you want to enjoy an indoor life in one of the five star hotels, Jamaica vacations are an excellent choice. This is a great place to make new friends and learn a new culture. For those who love shopping, there are modern malls where you can get all the things you need to keep yourself comfortable and happy on the vacation.

If you want to take a vacation with your children, Jamaica is an excellent destination. Many resorts offer fun activities and comfortable settings for children. If you are planning a honeymoon getaway, this can be a place where you can have a time of your life with the love of your life. There are many hotels and resorts that can arrange a lovely honeymoon getaway that will leave you wishing you could stay longer on the island.

A Place for Everyone

Jamaica is a place anyone can visit and have a wonderful time even on a low budget. You can find places you can enjoy visiting and activities to keep you entertained regardless of the budget you have. For those who want a luxurious holiday, five star resorts on the island can offer this. Regardless of your budget and the choice of accommodation or resort, one thing that stands out is the excellent services you get from all those you interact with on the vacation in Jamaica.

Most of the staff members who attend to you on the vacation are experienced, skilled and professional employees who take their time to make you feel special, welcome and happy on the island. You are always guaranteed of five star services wherever you go. The local people you interact with on the island are also very friendly and ready to make a foreigner feel at home and welcome. It is also a very safe and peaceful island.

It is very easy to book a Jamaica vacation. You can organize for everything from the comfort of your home. You can also check what different resorts and places have to offer and how much it may cost you. This makes it easy for you to plan the kind of vacation you want and even start saving in advance. These are just some of the reasons that make Jamaica a favorite for many who want to take a vacation.

Extreme Sports To Try Out in Mississauga


There are two types of extreme sports that you might want to try out at least once when you are in Mississauga in Ontario, Canada. One sport is skateboarding and the other is in-line skating. Though you might be middle-aged already, you can do these sports at least at the novice level or maybe you could just be one of the spectators enjoying the stunts being performed by the young and nimble experts at skateboarding and in-line skating.

The reason skateboarding could be great to try or maybe just watch is that it actually takes a lot of strength to propel and maneuver a skateboard especially when you intend to do stunts on the board. First you have to push yourself on the skateboard with one foot until you reach a desired speed, then you have to balance your body at that speed until you can get the right angle to do a stunt.

Since there are many parks in Mississauga, you might be able to find parts of your local park where you could be allowed to do your stunts. It is important to find a safe area to practice stunts because you wouldn’t want to hit anyone accidentally either with your board or with your body, if the stunt does not go the way you expected it to. Of course, it pays to use safety gear as well while using a skateboard but take note that bumps, scrapes and bruises (and the occasional broken bone) are the price you pay for pursuing this kind of sport. If you’re not the type to enjoy getting hurt, it is best to watch from the sidelines instead if you just want to enjoy watching others do their stunts.

roller bladesIn-line skating is similar to skateboarding in that it is usually done at varying levels of speed. Newcomers to the sport would probably need to go slow until you learn how to balance yourself on the in-line skates. Once you get your balance right, it is easier to explore new ways of doing in-line skating. Again, like skateboarding, in-line skating is best done at a part of a park where there are no people that could get hit accidentally if you lose control of your skates.

Another safety issue is the brand of in-line skates that you buy. The cheaper brands might not have the same level of durability and safety features as the more expensive brand. Also, using in-line skates on a surface like concrete or smooth asphalt can do wear and tear on the wheels of your in-line skates resulting in faster deterioration of your skates. The reason you have to use safe and durable in-line skates is that you don’t want your skates to give out on you just as you reach a high speed. If this happens your momentum might be so fast that you cannot stop yourself from running into another person. Do in-line skating carefully and you will probably find this sport more enjoyable.

If you are not inclined to extreme sports, you can always enjoy a good performance at a local theater in Brampton instead.